Believing in helping families to work to end their poverty in dignity . . .

Help the poorest businesses and families in Haiti with a hand up not a hand out.
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With your help, New Haiti Foundation provides Haiti families with the means to work themselves out of poverty.

The people Of South Sudan & Central African Republic are in desperate need of food & water aid due
to political and economical instability. According to the UN 5 million people are on the brink of
starvation due to food shortages. On Feb 4th UN Launched an Appeal for $1.27 Billion to assist
over 3.2 million people that were displaced at the time. The number of refugees have not only
doubled but UN have only received half of their request in aid. Which means millions more
will not only continue to be malnourished but will face the grim reality of death if aid
does not arrive swiftly and efficiently. To make matters worst Local farmers are facing
the Lean Season which pretty much depletes crop growth in the region for the summer.
With your donation we will be able to provide food and water to thousands & even
millions of refugees for months to come.

Mission Statement

To alleviate poverty in Haiti by helping small business owners to expand their knowledge,

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Our primary objective is to increase awareness of poverty in Haiti among the general public.

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New Haiti Foundation is working to give the people of Haiti the working chance they need. Our vision is to help millions of people help themselves out of poverty by providing them with the opportunity to grow their small, self-sustainable businesses. New Haiti Foundation values the impact that a small amount of money can have on the lives of the poor. We believe in starting small, small steps lead to big change.

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