Believing in helping families to work to end their poverty in dignity . . .

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With your help, New Haiti Foundation provides Haiti families with the means to work themselves out of poverty.

New Haiti Foundation – Fundraising Events Schedule

Come out and open your Heart 4 Kids. This is a Go Back to School Drive Event.

Poetry Night
August 24th, 2013
8:00pm - 11pm

3 Kings Smoothies and Juices
5578 W. Oakland Park Blvd.
Lauderhill, Fl 33313
In the Inverness Plaza
by the old Denny’s

Please bring school supplies to help our children learn, have success and broaden there education.
Every little bit helps the kids to load there packs or have a back pack, times are tough.

Reading poetry of great works is an exciting event, you must not miss, bring family, friends and neighbors.
Time to expand your minds.

Mission Statement

To alleviate poverty in Haiti by helping small business owners to expand their knowledge,

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Our primary objective is to increase awareness of poverty in Haiti among the general public.

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New Haiti Foundation is working to give the people of Haiti the working chance they need. Our vision is to help millions of people help themselves out of poverty by providing them with the opportunity to grow their small, self-sustainable businesses. New Haiti Foundation values the impact that a small amount of money can have on the lives of the poor. We believe in starting small, small steps lead to big change.

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