Believing in helping families to work to end their poverty in dignity . . .

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With your help, New Haiti Foundation provides Haiti families with the means to work themselves out of poverty.

Special Gifts make a major difference to New Haiti Foundation Inc.

It is always so fortunate for a charity to be the recipient of very special gifts from generous supporters which some people may choose to do by remembering the New Haiti Foundation Inc. in there Wills.

Legacies are a vital source of income and are gifts that can make a huge impact on the work we do in Haiti. The
fact that the loans we give to clients are self-sustaining means that a legacy left to us is a gift that can go on
giving for decades to come.

No-one knows exactly what the future holds, but remembering the New Haiti Foundation Inc. in your Will means
that our work can continue in earnest in some of the poorest communities in the world, enabling the poorest
people in these regions to work their own way out of the poverty trap.

You can be assured that any legacy you might leave to us, whether a fixed sum or share in the residue of your
estate, will be put to the most effective use possible.

Mission Statement

To alleviate poverty in Haiti by helping small business owners to expand their knowledge,

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New Haiti Foundation is working to give the people of Haiti the working chance they need. Our vision is to help millions of people help themselves out of poverty by providing them with the opportunity to grow their small, self-sustainable businesses. New Haiti Foundation values the impact that a small amount of money can have on the lives of the poor. We believe in starting small, small steps lead to big change.

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